glastonbury Lever harp   Glastonbury
  • A student version of the Blondel
  • Light celtic gauge strings
  • 34 string lever harp
  • Span 6C to 1A

Price: £3995

The Glastonbury, with its light celtic gauge strings, has a particularly beautiful tone, somewhat reminiscent of a “wire strung harp.” However, because it is strung throughout with natural gut, except for the eight multifilament cored bass wires, the Glastonbury does not produce the problem associated with wire strung harps--over-exaggerated sustain. “Light celtic gauge” does not mean loose strings and dead sound: string tension has been optimised to produce a positive response conducive to precision playing at any speed and in any style. Its range is from 6C to 1A.

This harp is suited for the novice as well as the working musician: with a very full voice and incredible dynamic range. The Glastonbury is perfect for accompanying song while having the presence to stand out in a group.

The economic alternative
Niebisch & Tree have merged more than 30 years of harp building experience with the latest computer aided design and technology. The design and materials have been simplified so that we can reduce the price to a minimum without compromising overall quality of construction or tonal integrity.

The Glastonbury stands 1.3m at its tallest point. Hand picked quarter sawn sitka spruce is still used for the soundboard and each instrument is crafted from start to finish by one person, ensuring that every Glastonbury has its own individual and subtly different personality.

Perfect semi-tones
All harps produced by Niebisch & Tree Harps feature our unique semi-tone mechanism, which is free from all possibility of rattle and yet fully adjustable. The semi-tone levers are made entirely of alloy steel and polished brass to ensure no loss of tone in use and longevity of the mechanism. An easy single finger flip action with a positive “on” position means no unnecessary fumbling and perfect semi-tones very time.

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