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We sell our own unique range of harps. Models include the lightly strung Blondel, Avalon and Glastonbury, and the concert gauge strung Avalon and Albion. You can read a brief history about their conception and manufacture by clicking here.

Prices include VAT. Postage and packaging not included.

The Blondel

blondel harp

The Blondel is a lightly strung 34 string lever harp, spanning 6C to 1A.

Price: £5400 | More Details...

The Avalon

avalon harp

The Avalon has 34 concert gauge strings spans 6C to 1A and features our special semi-tone levers.

Price: £5500 | More Details...

The Glastonbury

glastonbury harp

The student version of the Blondel.

£4000 | More Details...


The Nightingale

34 string carbon composite lever harp.

Price: £5995 | More Details...

The Albion

albion harp

The student version of the Avalon.

£3900 | More Details...

Traveling Practice Harp

practice harp

The purpose of this "instrument" is to prevent the softening of the finger tips and to aid in the practice of finger positioning – particularly when on vacation or when you are away for an extended period from your harp.

£350 | More Details...