travel practice harp   Troubadour

A travel practice harp for:

  • Maintaining hard fingertips
  • Practicing hand and finger positioning
  • Compact and lightweight
  • Quick assemble and dissemble

Price: £350

Following a request from one of our customers for some kind of aid to maintaining hard fingertips and also for practicing hand/finger positioning, we designed and developed the Troubadour.

The Troubadour spans 2 octaves from middle C upwards and is strung with concert harp tension and string spacing.

When you have finished practicing simply slacken off the strings and fold the Troubadour up to give a very small and easily carried instrument (see Figure 01).

practice harp collapsed
Figure 01.

The Troubadour travel harp now features a new quick release locking mechanism which serves to improve the stability of the instrument whilst making it quicker and easier to assemble and dissemble (see Figure 02).

practice harp quick release
Figure 02.

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